Membership at M4Reactor

Memberships are monthly prepaid or yearly prepaid (direct credit card or debit card only). Enroll for a yearly membership and get two months FREE.

ALL Members get a member discount on most classes, other events, and registrations at M4.  You will also receive discounts on products that we provide.  Must be 14 years or older for membership.

Membership Application

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Choose your billing period:
How many days access per month are you subscribing for?
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If you choose a discount, you will need to provide proof of your status (ID card, etc) on your first visit to the space.

Choose your shop access. All memberships come with 1 shop.
1 extra shop (2 total) is an additional $15/mo
2 extra shops (3 total) is an additional $25/mo
3 extra shops (4 total) is an additional $35/mo
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This is a DEPOSIT that is used for anything you might purchase at M4 with your access card (materials, snacks, etc). Each month we will rebill you for any amount used against the deposit. This is YOUR money and when you cancel your membership, the balance will be returned.